Journal #10: Tips for sustainable success

Journal #10: Tips for sustainable success

We’re all about that feel good factor here, and we’re not just talking underwear. 

Instead of total overhaul mode, we like to focus more intently on what as individuals makes us feel great. We try to approach that feeling with an open mind; to be curious, explore, and be kind to ourselves. We try to do a bit more of the things that make us tick.

Below are some simple tips and tricks that have helped us achieve our goals sustainably.


#1 | Adapt your approach.

Total overhaul might not be the most sustainable approach. Ask yourself what you might like to achieve this year, set yourself some guidelines to assist you in getting there, and then take the pressure off.


#2 | Patience is a virtue.

It’s easy to get tunnel vision and focus too heavily on the end goal. Try to focus on the route you’re taking to get there.


#3 | Listen Up.

Sometimes we would all benefit from taking our own advice. We might say one thing to a friend seeking advice, support or encouragement, but act completely differently when it comes to ourselves. Ask yourself this when you hit a roadblock, then apply that answer to yourself.


#4 | How are you feeling?

Life can become a treadmill pretty quickly. The same thing day in, day out. We want to encourage you to really interrogate what makes you feel awesome. And then make time to do more of it.


#5 | Prioritise.

It’s time to prioritise you. By making time to make yourself feel good, you will be the best version of yourself. You’re choosing to turn up every day to be the best father, partner, brother and man. So if that’s jumping on your bike, hitting the gym, listening to your favourite tunes or cooking a meal, make sure you make time for you.