Journal  #14: Seven Daily Wins.

Journal #14: Seven Daily Wins.

01. Make your bed.

If all hell breaks loose and you have the worst day of your life, at least you’ll have a lovely made bed to come back to.

02. Move before food.

Make a habit of moving before anything else when you wake up. Go for a walk, do a quick HIIT class, walk the dog, dance with the kids in the kitchen. Movement disproven to help release dopamine, kick start a healthy digestion for the day and increase your productivity levels.

03. Prioritise.

Make a list before you start your days work, and have three top points to focus on. Start with the most challenging task. By the time lunchtime rolls round, the rest of the day should be a breeze.

04. Nourish yourself. 

Start your day well, and you are more likely to continue your day well. That encapsulates everything - nutritional nourishment, mental nourishment, physical nourishment. Start a really simple morning routine that encourages all of the above and you will reap the benefits.

05. Give something back.

Studies have shown that giving back is beneficial to combatting stress, depression and anxiety. To share what we have and to tap in to a sense of community is all part of that feel good factor that is so important for us as humans.

06. Put your phone down.

We all spend too much time on our phones. Create discipline around your phone use, and perhaps try a no phone rule when you’re having dinner, or spending time with your loved ones. Try to engage on a deeper level without the constant distractions that we have on our phones. Distance yourself from your phone to become closer to the things that really matter.

07. Write a list before bedtime.

Studies have shown that writing down your task list for the following day before you go to bed, helps reduce a busy mind and induce a restful sleep.