JOURNAL #19: Rebranding the Resolution

JOURNAL #19: Rebranding the Resolution

2023 Let’s Go!

Let’s rebrand the resolution. Let’s march our way through 2023, and acknowledge every accomplishment with gusto and pride. This isn’t about what you think you should be doing, this is about what you want to be doing. To show up for yourself, your family and your friends every day as your best self.

We aren’t about re-inventing the wheel - we sell mens underwear - but we are ALL about improving on something that should and could be better. So read on for the Randies bucket list for 2023.

Eat seasonally and organically - Not only does eating seasonally help your body find a natural rhythm with seasonal changes, it’s also a more sustainable way to consume - less air miles, tastier produce and cleaner flavours. The challenge of eating seasonally can reap massive rewards in the kitchen too, with curiosity and experimentation being key to success. Food doesn’t need to be complicated, but it does need to be nourishing.

Randies tip off - We recommend signing up to an organic fruit and veg box supplier who will deliver farm fresh produce to your doorstep. We love Riverford, as every box comes with recipe cards to help inspire. Eating organically this way is far more financially sustainable than buying organic veg at the supermarket too, because surprise surprise - seasonal and local produce is cheaper than avocados from Ecuador!

Invest - Fast fashion is responsible for 10% of the worlds carbon emissions. You deserve the best and the planet deserves a future. There is no better time to stop indulging in fast fashion, and start investing in timeless, classic pieces that will last a lifetime. Being naked is the No.1 most sustainable option. Investing in properly and ethically made garments is No.2. 

Randies tip off - Every time you consider purchasing an item for convenience or an appealing price tag, stop yourself. Take a moment, and then put that money into a separate bank account. In no time you will see those smaller figures amass to a number that will happily allow you to invest in something you really cherish and will take care of. Theres no better place to start than with incredible underwear, so make sure to refresh your drawers for 2023 with Randies. 

Make time - Life is busy, chaotic, stressful and can be relentless. Everybody deserves time to themselves, and the only person who can give that to you, is you. Your time is important so make it count.

Randies challenge - We challenge you to carve out time for yourself every single day off the week. This could be taking a 20 minute walk, alone without a phone or distraction. Doing a 10 minute meditation every morning. Reading a book before bed. Creating space for yourself has never been so important.

Move more - If you’ve been thinking about signing up to a challenge or race - go for it! Equally, set some simple parameters to use throughout your day to encourage more movement. Walk to work, take the stairs, cycle. Sometimes it’s the subtle personal changes that can have huge impacts.

Randies tip off - If you’re new to the game, start small and achievable, but create a plan for growth otherwise your progress will plateau. Having an accountability buddy also helps - a friend, personal trainer or family member to help encourage and keep you on track of you goals.

Engage - We like to think we’re all so connected, but we’ve actually never been more disconnected from each other than right now. Screens replace people, robots replace workers, we don’t have to go to the office anymore. We spend more time each day staring at a screen than we do looking at the world or another human and that can have detrimental effects on our health. We are pack animals after all!

Randies tip off  - Engage in eye contact with strangers, and try to say hello to all your encounter. Smiling comes naturally with eye contact, and smiling helps fight stress!