Journal #11: Being human, How can we help?

Journal #11: Being human, How can we help?

The worlds eyes are on a sharply unfolding war. We watch from a distance with a sense of desperation as a humanitarian tragedy is unfurling, but we all have the ability to help from afar. Below we have compiled a simple list of ways we can action practical and useful support to those in desperate need at this time. Our social tack may alter a little over the upcoming weeks, and we will be sharing anything we can to help spread awareness, support and education surrounding the Ukrainian conflict with Russia. We are learning too, so if you have any useful links or advice to share please let us know as we will update this page.


# Stay Informed.

Follow journalists, media sources and aid agencies on the ground to learn about the current situation, the history of the conflict and what resources are needed now. We found this Kyiv based newspaper insightful and current.

# Share.

Have you seen a helpful article, impactful photograph, or direct link to donate too? Share that with your friends and family, on your social channels and anywhere else you feel is suitable.

# Donate.

Whatever you can afford to help those displaced by this unfolding war so they can cover basic needs and requirements. We have listed some charities below that we have found through various sources.


IRC - International Rescue Committee.

The IRC is on the ground in Poland, working with local partners and Ukraine to quickly mobilise resources that will provide life saving support to civilians forced to flee their homes. 


Revived Soldiers Ukraine.

A nonprofit organisation that helps fund medication and important supplies for army hospitals that are on the front line.


MSF - Médecins Sans Frontières

Never far from the frontline, Médecins Sans Frontières provide humanitarian aid and medicine for people in need. They are mobilising teams across Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Romania, Belarus and Russia to provide assistance and have already been distributing war kits to treat wounded people in Mariupol, and have provided trauma training for 30 surgeons form eastern Ukraine. 

Sunflower for peace.

An independent facebook fundraiser set up by Ukrainian national Katya Malakhova. Donations help to provide first aid backpacks for doctors and paramedics working on the frontline. Each backpack has the ability to save 10 lives. 


Voices of Children.

Provide immediate aid to families affected by the invasion. Additionally it helps to recover children from the traumas of war.


British Ukrainian Aid.

A JustGiving appeal which works to support victims of war such as wonder soldiers, orphaned children and those internally displaced by the conflict.



“Together” in Ukranian. A non profit organisation that supports Ukrainians in their fight for democracy. They have launched an emergency appeal in response to the Russian invasion, to provide medical relief to soldiers on the front line.



AirBnB are working to provide housing across Europe for 100,000 refugees fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. Can you host? If not, donate.


White Eagle Club - Balham London - Clothes & Practical item donation.

The White Eagle Club in Balham, London are doing an incredible job collecting and sorting items for displaced refugees in Ukraine. They are in need of specific items and volunteers to help sort through goods so get in contact. Otherwise they accept the following donations from 3pm on Wednesdays and 10am on Fridays.

  • Clothes (new or very good condition) shoes (new or very good condition)
  • Nappies / dressings for children of different ages dry sanitary products
  • Thermal clothes / thermal shirts / long johns / gloves/ painkillers
  • Duvets / blankets / sleeping bags / pillows / sheets