We take good care

We take good care

We take good care of our product, so it can take good care of you.

Our underwear is made to work for every man. The men who work from a desk, work in the fields, work behind a wheel or find themselves running around town. All men - we’ve got you.

Here’s why.

1] We pioneered the horizontal fly.

You won’t believe until you’ve tried it, but wearing our underwear and experiencing the horizontal fly will drastically alter your day. You’ll never go back. Not only is it more comfortable, but it provides easier access and there’s no chance of any uncalled for escapes.

2] Experience next level softness.

We all thought cotton was the bees knees, but then Lenzing™ Modal walked in and changed the world forever. Not only is it 3x softer, it’s also 50% more absorbent than cotton, it fits and wears better and it’s antibacterial.

3] Made for the men of today, with men of the future in mind.

We strive for happy customers and a happy planet. Lenzing™ Modal is made from sustainable Austrian beech wood from forests that grow naturally, without the use of chemical fertilisers or artificial irrigation, and are a natural and renewable source of raw material. 

4] We’ll swaddle you from dawn til dusk.

We engineered the TackleBag™ to keep things organised. The TackleBag™ will keep skin off skin and in turn keep you cooler, eliminate any chafing, as well as sculpt and support your chaps while you get on with whatever activity the day holds in store for you.

5] We removed the side seams.

Your comfort is our primary focus, so we removed the side seams from the legs, created a non roll down waistband, and non roll up legs. So combined with the TackleBag™ and the horizontal fly, your user experience should feel so slick and smooth you might not even realise you’ve got underwear on.

6] We support craftsmanship.

Randies are cut, sewn and assembled in our Portuguese fabrica by a talented family of artisans. Portugal boasts a long history of master craftsmanship which has been passed down through generations. We are 100% involved in every step of our design and development processes.

7] We’re a brand with a face.

We are a founder led brand and we’re really proud to be. We’re proud of our product and fly the flag for the best mens underwear out there. We stand behind our product whole heartedly.