Randies - Underwear for every man

Underwear for every man

Our brand is so intrinsically dependant upon happy customers, we decided to feature them in our next campaign.

With a casting call posted out over our social media and newsletters, we held our breath. Will we wake to a lonely echo in our inbox, or will it be brimming with men eager to strip down to their undies?


This time round we chose to challenge the narrative on “what it takes” to be an underwear model. We’re aware that our past campaign images have represented the image of a man who’s job it is to sell underwear, but we’re also aware that not everyones job is to sell underwear. So this time round we want to represent every man.

Our customers are the bloodline; the reason we do what we do every day. It felt like an honest and progressive way to represent our brand - with the men who wear them everyday.

Randies - Underwear for every man

With our call out in the world, we captured the attention of our incredible fanbase who gave us the opportunity to shine a well deserved light on them. An inbox full of incredible, inspiring, generous and admirable men awaited us and gave us the confidence to press the green light on pushing forward this idea.

The results? Well we think the new images speak for themselves - captivating and stylish, polished but relatable.

“The day was full of positive energy, and camaraderie was infectious. Cheers and whops of support as robes dropped in front of the camera. Just such amazing vibes from a group of awesome guys.”

Randies - Underwear for every man

For Randies, this was a day to remember and treasure for years to come, and these incredible men will become part of how we shape our future - our vision, and our inspiration.

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