ABOUT randies

We're on a mission to create the best men's underwear on the planet.

Randies all started because we identified a gap in a global market that has been under considered and let down for too long. Mens underwear prompts a passive response. An everyday essential. Yet there are so many functional needs of men that are simply not being catered for.

We searched the globe and we couldn’t find a company we loved. So we decided to create one. Our team of respected designers and skilled craftspeople have spent serious time and energy creating a functional and sustainable product that delivers on style, support, comfort and unparalleled performance levels for the modern man.

Enter Randies. We’re on a mission to make the best mens underwear in the world. With our team of globally respected designers and skilled craftspeople, we have engineered what we believe to be the best pair of mens underwear in the world. We have spent thousands of hours scrutinising our products. We know where our raw materials come from, we know where and how they are manufactured, and we work closely with our manufacturing partners who share our values.

We have listened and learnt, and we have adapted in order to create a product we are supremely proud to bring to the market. We use what has been done by others in the past, to shape our future. 

Our underwear is the founding staple of the modern mans wardrobe.

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