Why Wear Randies?

Randies Underwear Why Wear Randies


Not only do they look great and feel great, there are many other reasons why we think you should be wearing Randies.

Superior Fit:

All our styles feature the Randies TackleBag™, a 3-dimensional pouch providing superior comfort and support. Every pair is made to move with you, reducing the need for adjustments whilst welcoming all the airflow and freedom you’d like.

Botanic Origin:

Our TENCEL™ fibres are manufactured by Austria’s 'Lenzing Group' and derived from beech wood from sustainably managed forests. These forests are a natural and renewable source of raw material.

Sustainable Production: 

Fully-integrated pulp and fibre production at the Lenzing site makes it possible to produce fibre in an eco-responsible way. Lenzing strive to safeguard resources for future generations by using renewable energy from the pulp mill and by recovering the remaining components for co-products.

These numerous innovations have been integrated in the production of our TENCEL™ fabric to make the process environmentally sound.

Efficient Moisture Absorption:

TENCEL™ offers efficient moisture absorption which makes them well suited to sporting activities. The micropores inside the fabric absorb any water or sweat they come into contact with.  In comparison to polyester, synthetics and even cotton, there is less available moisture formed on the surface of the fibre for bacteria to grow. 

Contributes to breathability:

TENCEL™ fibres support body temperature regulating properties through their moisture management. Derived from natural material, Modal is structured to regulate the absorption and release of moisture, contributing to fabric breathability that supports the body’s natural thermal regulation.

Superior Softness:

TENCEL™ is twice as soft as cotton fabrics. They last longer and are able to withstand repeated wash and dry cycles compared to their cotton counterparts. As well as being super soft, TENCEL™ is also very durable because of its tight weave and long fibres. Perfect for luxurious underwear that is worn regularly. 


All TENCEL™ fibre types have been certified as biodegradable and compostable under industrial, home, soil, fresh water and marine conditions, thus they can fully revert back to nature.

Endless comfort:

Made to make you feel good, all day, every day. What's not to love?