Embedded Responsibility

At Randies, our approach to responsibility permeates every layer of our operations. The development of our HyperSoft™ fabric, the design of our packaging, and our partnerships with fabric mills and factories are all informed by a deep commitment to sustainability. This commitment is not just a policy but a foundational principle that influences our choices - ensuring we prioritise the health of our planet alongside the quality and comfort of our products.

HyperSoft™: A Fabric with a Conscience

Our exclusive HyperSoft™ fabric is crafted from micro modal, a luxuriously soft material made from the cellulose of sustainably sourced beech wood fibres. This eco-friendly luxury fabric hails from the sustainable forests of Austria, thriving without chemical fertilisers or artificial irrigation, which mirrors our commitment to a healthier planet.

Micro modal is known for its exceptional softness, superior moisture management, and durability. It surpasses traditional fabrics by maintaining its vibrant colour and shape with minimal environmental impact throughout its lifecycle. The production process of transforming beech wood into the ultra-soft HyperSoft™ fabric is environmentally responsible, ensuring that every step, from pulp to finished fabric, contributes to a sustainable cycle.

The result? HyperSoft™ micro modal fibers are not only incredibly soft against the skin and durable for long-lasting wear but also fully biodegradable. They break down naturally, leaving no trace in the environment. By choosing micro modal for our HyperSoft™ fabric, we deliver an unmatched combination of comfort, quality, and environmental stewardship

Utilises 10x less land than cotton

Spends 50x less time in a landfill compared to polyester

Requires 20x less water during production than cotton

Craftsmanship with a Conscience

Crafted in Portugal, Cherished Worldwide. At the heart of Randies lies a tradition of ethical craftsmanship. Our products are meticulously cut, sewn, and finished by skilled artisans in a family-owned fábrica in Portugal, known for generations of master craftsmanship. This collaboration reflects our commitment to ethical production practices, supporting communities, and preserving artisanal heritage.