Randies boxer briefs and trunks are crafted from TENCEL™ fibres which are made from sustainable Austrian beech wood trees. These forests don’t rely on the use of artificial irrigation or harmful chemical fertilisers — in simple terms, they flourish naturally.

An environmentally responsible, integrated, pulp-to-fibre process extracts the fibres from the wood. What’s more, the whole process is energy self-sufficient and generates very low emissions.

100% of the beech wood’s raw material is converted into cellulose and other bio-based, bio-refinery products (so nothing is wasted). The surplus energy is recycled into the production of other fibres — talk about intelligent manufacturing!

The Lenzing site makes it possible to create fabric in an eco-responsible way, which is right up our street. The fibres are biodegradable and compostable, so they can fully revert back to nature.