Introducing HyperSoft™ by randies

Randies HyperSoft™: The Perfect Union of innovation, tradition and craftmanship

Introducing Randies HyperSoft™: the epitome of luxury in men's underwear. This exclusive blend, made from the finest micro modal, is expertly knitted in our specialist Portuguese fabric mill to a premium weight of 180gsm. It achieves the perfect harmony of softness, durability, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties. HyperSoft™ excels beyond standard materials, maintaining its shape, colour fidelity, and resistance to pilling. Its unmatched quality, resulting from sophisticated knitting and finishing techniques, comes at a higher cost, but for a good reason. Each Randies pair promises unparalleled luxury and performance. Dive into the HyperSoft™ experience, where innovation meets meticulous craftsmanship, leaving no room for compromise.

Supreme Softness & Comfort

Discover unparalleled softness. HyperSoft™ is five times softer than cotton, offering comfort so profound, it feels like a second skin. Experience a new level of luxury every day.

Performance & Durability

Performance & Durability

Engineered for life. HyperSoft™ excels in moisture-wicking and temperature regulation, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable. Built for durability and colour retention, your Randies look and feel new, wash after wash.

Sustainability & Wellness

Sustainable Luxury, Skin-Friendly. HyperSoft™ reflects our eco-conscious, hypoallergenic commitment, offering luxury for every skin type.

The Craft Behind HyperSoft™

A Sustainable Fabric Revolution

At the heart of HyperSoft™ lies a commitment to harnessing nature's gifts responsibly. The journey begins with beechwood, transformed through an eco-innovative process into the soft, durable fibres of micro modal. This transformation highlights our pursuit of materials that align with our ethos of responsibility and minimal environmental impact.

A Greener Process:
Our fabric's journey from raw beechwood to the luxurious HyperSoft™ material embodies efficiency and sustainability. Utilizing a closed-loop process, we ensure that every step, from cellulose extraction to fiber spinning, sets new standards for environmental care. This method significantly reduces solvent use and recycles water, minimizing our ecological footprint.

Beyond the Fabric:
In creating HyperSoft™, we go beyond just making a sustainable fabric. We're crafting a story of how innovative thinking can lead to a product that's not only better for the wearer but also for the planet. Our partnership with eco-conscious mills in Portugal is a testament to our shared values, ensuring that every piece of Randies underwear is a product of ethical and sustainable practices.

The Choice for Eco-Conscious Luxury

Choosing HyperSoft™ means more than experiencing unrivalled softness and comfort; it's a choice to support eco-friendly manufacturing and sustainable forestry. By integrating these principles into our fabric's DNA, we offer a product that not only feels good but also does good—redefining what it means to wear luxury with a conscience.

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