A Tale of Two Founders

A Tale of Two Founders

A Tale of Two Founders

The question that started it all.

Randies began with a simple premise: what if men’s underwear was no longer an afterthought? What if we scrapped cheap fabrics and daggy designs and gave trunks and briefs the glory they deserved?

Sharing a background in marketing and events, we’d worked with some of the planet’s biggest brands. Time and again, we’d seen industries innovate. So why hadn’t underwear?

Men fall into two camps: they only buy new underwear when their significant other asks them to, or when their current pairs are so old and tattered, they take on the cobweb look.

Women have an abundance of luxury brands available to them.  Men have cotton multipacks.

We knew there was a gap in the market and we were determined to fill it. Men’s underwear called out for a champion. Randies is it.


The names behind the Randies brand.

Hello! We’re Ricky and Georgie Knight, the founders of Randies. We’ve developed the blueprint for high-performance trunks and briefs that are stylish, smart, and eco-friendly.

Armed with a little black of book of industry leaders, we got to work in our atelier. We sketched designs, explored colour palettes, examined fabrics, and tested prototypes.

Every pair of Randies showcases soft, sustainable fabric and a design-engineered TackleBag™. No more sweating, no more chafing. Every pair is made to move with you, reducing the need for adjustments whilst at the same time welcoming all the airflow and freedom required.

You don’t have any excuses fellas, now that Randies has arrived. This is game-changing underwear that’s built to last.

Designed for comfort, easy on the eye…


Ricky and Georgie