Rock'n'Rollers - Charlie Head

Rock'n'Rollers - Charlie Head

The second in our series of Randies Rock & Rollers, Charlie Head is a professional adventure seeker. His chosen adventure weapon? A SUP. His documentaries of his wild water adventures, previously uncharted by sups, make for some inspiring and epic watching. Many of his trips are now totally unique, never able to be repeated. Huge damns now dominate large sections of the waterways he so freely explored, causing irreversible damage to the environment and local communities that surround them.

It’s this that has become part of the driver for Charlies wanderlust; to raise awareness of the fragile state of these environments. He also challenges the idea of adventure, helping us to realise that adventure can be limitless when you recognise that you don’t need endless pieces of expensive kit. It’s about taking responsibility over your own life, and your own footprint, and as he proves so clearly it’s about taking life by the balls and going for it no matter what that might throw up. Charlies SUP adventures span the globe, from Lands End to London, freezing Arctic waters to Amazonian jungles. He shows us that there is adventure to be had everywhere, and the challenges that one faces along the way are what shape and mould us. Charlie talks about his own experiences with his mental health on his trips and how overcoming hurdles along the way help him overcome hurdles in daily life. We were lucky enough to ask Charlie seven questions, so read on to find out more.




What do you think it means to be a successful man in a modern world? 

Jordan Peterson sums it up nicely.
For man to remain a monster but learn how to control it. That's the virtue. Understanding those powerful feelings and emotions. The visceral experience of being a human beast of the cosmos yet still feeling respectfully centered and able to show love and compassion to yourself and others.
I hope the modern world is not losing the man but is gaining that emotional intelligence and what feels like a greater rise of conscious connection. More courage and strength by tuning into your emotions.  

What has been your most rewarding moment on this planet so far? 

Nothing compares to the feelings and reward of, connecting with people organically. I experienced this with my solo UK circumnavigation ( by paddleboard ) that I completed recently.
It was more often than not, a day of battling out at sea and then, these amazing connections with strangers just opening up uninhibited being able to have a profound effect on on each other and learning about our feelings together. It was such a cocktail of emotions. The honest and the raw truth of, communicating. It was so unique and so special.

Did you ever consider any other form of transport for your adventuring? 

I love it all. I was equipped for the sports field from an early age and was often found bouncing off the walls but never felt content with the boundaries that came with the majority of sports and the predictability of things. So, it was a wise person who told me I should put all my energy into one thing and see where that went. I took that advice and when paddleboarding came along I thought ' let's see, where can we take it? ' so I set out to do a first ocean crossing. That meant building a special boat that I could live in like an ocean rowboat .  

What does it mean to you to raise awareness about mental health and the changing environment?

Fighting for the things that I believe in is so important for my own wellbeing and mental health. 

Do you have any advice on how men can support each other through life? And do you have any advice for people out there who want to be a force for good but don't know where to start?

Finding the courage to express yourself and your truths. Finding your people. We are naturally tribal, but in a very sort of individual world. It's about finding those connections , finding safe spaces where you can look for that peace and then grow on top of it because you know, it's not just about bubble wrapping the insecurity it's about strength and resilience too. Men have a lot to offer each other.

The art that I've found myself having to master is prioritising even the smallest things that come into my life and in through my brain. I'm easily distracted and can take on things that take me off the path, so for me it's the discipline to give myself the best shot and really filtering and focusing what is in my life. Through the right people, the right energy, shared incentives, noble values to the world and to each other. Just, being amongst it, you've got to. It can be hard if you've spent a lot of time by yourself, and there's an important power within that too. The world and the way it is now really needs people to come together to guide it in the right ways.  

Have you ever felt especially supported yourself during a certain time of your own life? are a wonderful mental health charity that supports people in times of crisis they have certainly helped me and many others. I'm a big supporter of the work they do.  

What do you like most about Randies as a brand? 

What do I like about the brand? 

Well of course Randies sustainable credentials are a big turn on for me ! Finally a pair of pants that gets me excited to lasso and strap in my enormous testicles ;) They really are something quite remarkably special when it comes to comfort. I'm a big fan. I like Randies boxer trunk in charcoal and black.

What's next on the cards for charlie ?

I love film and media. There remains many new boundaries to break in terms of UK and global expeditions so more films to come, exiting projects and megga paddles on the horizon but now, Id really like to bring people with me. I will be running experiences through my new venture Explorers Creed and opening up some spaces for people to paddle with me. I will be offering S.U.P (STANDUP PADDLE BOARD) experiences as a small group or as part of a team. Both peaceful, tranquil water escapes or train and prepare for an intrepid adventure. People learn and absorb in such different ways, and we think that this diversity is an important part of everyone's self development and mental health. Explorers creed , represents the best values of an explorer which is not just the pursuit of the great uncharted human endeavour but also creative and artistic exploration of the environments of our minds as well. Connecting to nature is the key to respecting the environment. It's my passion that I want to pass on to others , the lucky escapes and the brutal mistakes that I've learned from over the years. I'm excited about the great potential for the future. 

Go to this link to stay connected to Charlie to find out more about the Explorers Creed