Rock'n'Rollers - Sean Conway

Rock'n'Rollers - Sean Conway

It’s Always Worth It In The End. 

Sometimes you’re introduced to a person and you can’t help but really feel. 

An itch in your feet, a fire is ignited. You struggle to bury new ways of thinking and you have to expand your horizons.

For us, Sean Conway is the epitome of one of those life changing, inspirational people. 

Sean is perhaps part super-human, but he is also supurbly earnest in his approach towards challenges, accomplishments, successes and failures. 

He’s taught himself determination breeds resilience, thinks big, never gives up, learns from his mistakes and trains incredibly hard. In order to scale mountains, swim oceans and cycle through tundras you need all these factors to succeed.

As Sean himself says, adventure in its purest form is simply a way of thinking. 

We believe that we could all do with a little bit more adventure in our lives and Sean wrote a brilliant piece on his website called “The A-Z of adventure”