By all means buy a pair to try, but ultimately we want to redesign and streamline your whole underwear drawer. Not only that, but we want to offer you a discount while we do it. Benefit from saving up to 20% with Randies multipacks.

We make thousands of decisions everyday, so make Randies one of them.

Before you dive in we must ask, are you a trunks man, or a briefs man? Randies boxer briefs are the perfect pair for men who like to wear a slightly longer leg in their underwear. Randies boxer trunks are the perfect pair for men who like to rock a shorter leg in their underwear.

Both fit snug against your skin, whilst remaining soft and supportive. The material is non ride up on the leg, and non roll down on the waistband, keeping you ultra comfortable throughout your whole day, whatever the activity.

They come in four stylish and classic colours - Black, Navy, Grey & White, so you can choose a mixed multipack if you haven’t yet decided on your signature colour.

8 products

8 products