1% for the planet

At Randies, we’re big on making the planet greener. That’s why we only use eco-fabrics. But we’ve gone one step further when it comes to the environment. We’ve joined a global movement. 

Randies is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, an incredible initiative founded by Yvon Chouinard (Patagonia) and Craig Mathews (Blue Ribbon Flies). Since 2002, this intrepid duo have funded a diverse range of organisations in an effort to solve the world’s greatest problems.

1% for the Planet members have given back more than $270 million to causes that serve the environment. By being a part of this growing network, we’re doing our bit to help save the Earth.


Feel-Good Fabric

From the beginning, Randies established a set of values that mirrored the attributes of a B Corp (a business that balances profit with people and the planet). We’ve sought to be responsible across every facet of our company, starting with our fabric.

Our MicroModal AIR fabric is made from sustainable Austrian birchwood (from forests that are being thinned out, rather than being cut down). It’s CO2-neutral, biodegradable, and reuses 99% of its water during the production process.


Fast Randies Facts


• Randies fabric uses 10x less acreage than cotton

• Randies fabric spends 50x less time in a landfill compared to polyester

• Randies fabric requires 20x less water than cotton

• Randies fabric is biodegradable and CO2-neutral


Our fabric mills adhere to the most stringent environmental standards, including an extensive recycling scheme and a focus on green manufacturing. What’s more, we’re always looking at ways to improve our supply chain. It’s a vital part of our business strategy.


The Future is Green

By being part of 1% for the Planet, we’re uniting with other conscious companies who are working towards a better tomorrow. We’re excited to be part of a flourishing team of 3000 members that support environmental non-profits.


So, next time you buy a pair of men’s underwear, give Randies a try. We’re eco-friendly and sustainable.

This is style that doesn’t compromise…


Ricky and Georgie